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Saint Patrick’s day

I can’t remember celebrating St. Patrick’s Day when I was growing up. But nevertheless, this could easily be one of my favorite holidays. Who will not love rainbows, pot of gold, and shamrock themed crafts? There are endless activities and crafts for toddlers! But aside from the amazing toddler activities and wearing green on this particular day (otherwise we are going to be pinched by our friends!), I am wondering what else do I know about this Catholic saint? So here are few fun facts about St. Patrick… 1) St. Patrick is not Irish, he was born on Roman Britain; 2) when he was a teenager, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates; while in captivity, he dreamt of God telling him to escape Ireland by going to the coast; and so sailors found and rescued him. 3) Later on, he studied priesthood and used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity; and how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are individual entities but are still one. These fun facts are very interesting, but now, it is time to enjoy the week’s curriculum below.  Have fun! 

“ST PATRICK’S” THEME” 2nd week of March 2018
1. Readiness Skill
a)Colors review colors – red, yellow, purple, green, orange, blue
b)Shapes review shapes – heart, triangle, star
c)Letters/Phonics L,M
2. Science
a) Body Parts head, hair
b) Animals ladybug, mouse
3. Arithmetic review 1 to 5
4. Writing trace circles
5. Music tambourine, Itsy bitsy spider
6. Social studies review his name, know name of mom
7. Arts and crafts footprint shamrock
8. Physical Ed
a)Fine motor rigatonni and straws
b)Gross motor roll a ball/catch ball/ basketball
9. Additional:
a) Bible Noah’s ark and rainbow/pray Noah’s ark and rainbow/pray Noah’s ark and rainbow/pray
b) Manner review manners – thank you, please, you’re welcome, excuse me review manners – thank you, please, you’re welcome, excuse me review manners – thank you, please, you’re welcome, excuse me
c) Personal Care brush hair brush hair brush hair
d) Reading at night Little Owl’s Night Little Owl’s Night Little Owl’s Night
e) Field Trips weekends St. Patrick’s Day Parade
f) Snack Ideas rainbow color food



Figure A. Color sorting game using baby stacking toys and straws

Figure 1B. Shapes – learn shapes through mouse paper craft

Figure 2B. Shape matching game

Figure C. Matching games for learning letters Ll and Mm

Figure D. Ladybug and mouse handprints crafts




Rainbows, shamrocks, color green, leprechauns and pots of gold are the popular symbools of St. Patrick’s Day. So, our colors of the week includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. And for our color sorting game, we used the baby stacking toys as containers to match the colored straws (Figure A).


We made a mouse paper craft (Figure 1B) to learn star, heart and triangle shapes. Of course, this a mommy and son duo activity, wherein mom and son are tracing the shapes, mom is cutting the construction paper and putting the mouse together while the little boy is putting some glue. We used the Play Doh shape cutters to trace the shapes and before we began the craft, I asked him for the  shapes of the cutters.

We also learned triangle, heart and star by doing shape matching game (Figure 2B). I prepared a print out with the three shapes and my little boy placed the toys in the appropriate column.


I use the ABC printable pack from thisreadingmama website for teaching my son. This time, I printed few pages from the letters Ll and Mm  pack for a matching game. My son placed the matching toys that starts with letters Ll (lemon, lion, ladybug) and Mm (mouse, moon, monkey) to the print outs (Figure C). We identified the toys before putting them in the corresponding papers.


Body Parts

We used sticker game to identify our head and hair. While my son was playing with his stickers, I asked him to place the stickers in mommy’s hair and head.


I personally love seeing my son painting because he really enjoys it, especially when he paints his arms (yes, he does it). But on the other side, I am not very excited about the cleaning part. And that is why we do this activity before bath time and in the restroom floor, since that part of the house is the easiest to clean up. And I can also easily bathe my son afterwards. For this week, we made handprints, cut those out, and created both ladybug and mouse (Figure D).



My son can recite 1 to 20, however, when it comes to counting objects, we are still in the process of learning it. I wanted to focus on this part of the curriculum in the next weeks together with writing. But for this week, we traced his hands in a green construction paper and cut ithose out. Afterwards we counted the paper fingers together from 1 to 5 (Figure E).


As mentioned previously, this is another activity that I would like to focus on the next weeks, since writing or tracing is new for my little boy. I would like him to have fun with this activity since it is challenging for him. This week, we traced circles together using his “B Toys Toulouse Laptrec” (Figure F). Writing circles is more doable for my son. We will focus on tracing lines for the next weeks.


Mommy and son had a music session using tambourines (Figure G) for this week. At the same time, we sang another of his favorite nursery rhyme which is the Itsy Bitsy Spider (gestures from Super Simple Song Tobee):

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.
Then the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.

Figure E. Shamrocks counting

Figure F. Writing circles

Figure G. Music – playing with tambourines

Figure H.  Arts – shamrock with my son’s handprints

Figure H. Placing rigatonni pasta into a straw to support fine motor skill development

Figure J. Basketball and soccer to support gross motor developoment



This week’s social studies curriculum is the same as last week which is for my son to know his name and mommy’s name.


There are tons of beautiful arts and crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If we only have time, we would possibly be doing tons of arts; but  unfortunately I have some home chore duties too (oh well, maybe when my son is a little bit older). I particularly love incorporating footprints and handprints in our arts; and so we we made handprints in a shamrock (Figure H).


Fine Motor Skills

Letting our kids do tons of activities that support fine motor skill development is helpful on building pre-writing skills. My son had fun with placing pasta into a straw   (Figure  I). We also tried making cheerios neclace (inserting cheerios into a pipe cleaner), however, the pasta activity worked better for him.

Gross Motor Skills

To support the gross motor development, kids can simply do activities such as jumping, running, dancing or anything that keep them moving. This week, we played anything that involves balls such as catching, rolling, or playing with basketball and soccer (Figure J).



In addition to praying at night, we also read the kid’s Bible (Figure K) to my son. Most of the time, he only skips the pages until he reaches Noah’s ark, which is his favborite story because of the animals. And that us wht We incorporated his Noah’s ark toy when we read the Bible.


 This week is a review of saying thank you, please, you’re welcome and excuse me. Additionally, we encouraged him to brush his hair by himself every after bath.


We read his books daily before sleeping. Our book of the week is the LIttle Owl’s Night Out (Figure L). Since, he is flipping the pages faster than it should be, we skipped reading the sentences but we made sure that we identified the animals in each page.


We love going to local festivals to submerge ourselves and teach our son to different culture.


Rainbow snack ideas: fruit skewers consisting of strawberry, melon, pineapple, green grapes, blueberry and purple grapes.

Figure K. Kid’s Bible and Noah’s ark toy

Figure L. Little Owl’s Night

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