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Easter is a very important Christian Holiday which celebrates Jesus’s resurection from death. But how are eggs connected with Easter? In many cultures, egg symbolizes fertility, new life, and rebirth and therefore easter eggs symbolize Jesus’s coming back to life. This holiday is undoubtedly a very popular family celebration with many traditions like going to church, big easter brunch, easter egg hunting, taking easter bunny photos and many more. I look forward to creating these traditions with my husband and son. But additionally, I am also in a hunt for gathering simple yet fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) activities for homeschooling my son.  So here are some of the wonderful ideas I have tried with my little boy and can easily be done at home for Easter celebration. All activities need adult supervision for the child’s safety.  Happy Easter everyone and have a great Spring season!

5 Simple Toddler STEAM Activities for Easter

For younger toddlers, remember to securely place the materials inside the egg by taping the eggs to prevent choking hazards.

SCIENCE "Float or Sink"

This is a simple way to teach floating or sinking concepts with the little ones. Plastic eggs are composed of a light material and therefore it is naturally floating. In order to introduce the concept of sinking, simply put heavy materials inside the eggs such as rocks, coins or plastic soccer ball toys.


All you need is a rice (or any small materials like pasta or paper clips), two spoons, plastic egg and a tape. Just simply put the rice inside the egg, then place in between the spoons and tape it. And your little toddlers have an instant maracas!


Creating towers with any imaginable materials is a great way of introducing the concept of engineering to kids. Your kids can put together the plastic egg containers on top of each other or use a play doh to stick the eggs together.

ARTS "Potato Stamping"

Instead of using the plastic egg for paint stamping, why not try potato stamping to create  egg shape paintings. It is fun, simple and beautiful! Create different patterns such as straight lines, circles or even shapes like triangle by cutting your potatoes (as seen in the picture).

MATH “Big, bigger, biggest”

Help your child learn the concepts of size such as big, bigger, biggest with the use of plastic eggs. Guide them on placing the smaller eggs inside the bigger eggs.


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