Play Doh must be in every household that has kids of any age. Even adults can have an absolute fun playing with this wonderful toy. There are really endless creative possibilities with the use of these colorful modeling compounds. More importantly, Play Doh is perfect to use as a teaching material for STEAM(science, technology, engineering, arts, math and montessori ideas). Below are 7 activities that anybody can easily integrate in homeschooling toddlers.

Here is what we have done for the whole week:

Play Doh Activities

1. Colors

The lids of the Play Doh containers are great materials for teaching a variety of colors to our toddlers. One great activitiy is identifying colors while building towers made of Play Doh containers and blocks.

2. Shapes

Understanding shapes is one of the early math concepts that toddlers develop. Parents can create different shapes with Play Doh and craft sticks with kids while counting the sides of a triangle, square or diamond. This is really a fun activity both for adults and children.

3. Letters

There are endless teaching ideas that can be done with Play Doh. Our kids can learn letters by stamping alphabet toys in these modelling clays. And to make this idea more fun,  additionally incorporate animal flash cards.

4. Animals

One of the best activities for toddlers is playing a matching game. This idea can be applied for practically anything like colors, shapes, numbers and even a fun animal matching game!

5. Numbers

Inserting pasta (like rigatonni) into a straw is not only good for developing fine motor skills but also an excellent activity for learning how to count. Try to add any number toys that you have at home in this activity and let your kids do a matching game as well.

6. Writing

Tracing straight lines can develop toddler’s control of the small muscles in their hands. This is also great for improving hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills. To make this activity more fun, try to utilize Play Doh for writing straight lines.

7. Fine Motor Skills

Hammering or pounding wooden pegs are classic toys given to kids as early as 18 months old. Make a fun twist of this game by using a hammer toy to pound a rounded Play Doh. Kids can learn different colors and at the same time can help them develop fine motor skills.
colored bubbles

steam of the week: science

Materials: baking soda, food coloring, vinegar, containers

*Procedure: 1. add baking soda on the bottom of container, 2. add food coloring of your choice, 3. pour the vinegar

Idea Behind: acid (vinegar) + base (baking soda) reaction

*Toddlers can perform the procedure with proper adult supervision


Toddler steam


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