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We accumulated a lot of plastic eggs this year since the whole family got really excited about Easter. At first, I was worried that we bought too much eggs, but eventually I was very happy with these items since I can recycle them for my son’s homeschooling activities. In addition to all the STEAM activities that we have done (from the previous blog post), we also used these eggs for games such as color sorting, shape matching, animal matching and more with the application of Montessori ideas.

Below are wonderful and easy Montessori Inspired activities using plastic eggs that you can also easily re-create at your own home:

9 Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs

1. Color Matching

Help your toddlers learn different colors with this matching game. Simply ask your kid to place the plastic egg in the similar colored construction paper.

2. Shape Matching

Support your toddlers to learn early math concepts such as shapes through simple activities. Use any flash cards available at your home or simply print your own. Then write these shapes on the plastic eggs with a marker. Afterwards, assist your kids to match the shapes on the eggs and cards.

3. Letter Fishing

Fill up the plastic eggs with paper clips and make sure to tape the halves of the eggs. Ask you toddler to identify the letters and “catch” these letters one by one with the use a fishing rod.

4. Animal Matching

Teach little chicks and bunnies to your kids this Easter by matching the upper and lower portion of the animal’s body. These are free images from pixabay.com.

5. Number Walk

Firts, put the eggs individually in different locations in your house.  Afterwards, give the basket (or any container) to your kid and ask him to identify a number for example #6. Then, go around the house and pick six eggs while counting them one by one (1 through 6).

6. Learn Straight Line

This is a great activity to guide your toddlers in creating straight lines! Print out a bunny and carrot located from opposite side of the paper. Allow your kids to create a straight line from the bunny to the carrot with the use of the egg halves.

7. DIY Maracas

My son and I created two types of egg maracas this year. One kind is with a handle (as seen from previous blog) and the other is without a handle. Just simply place rice grains inside the eggs and tape them.

8. Cotton Balls and Eggs

My son loves fun and simple activities that help support the development of fine motor skills. Place plastic eggs in a cut out egg container. With the use of a kid-friendly tong, let your toddler put the cotton balls in  the eggs.

9. Sensory Game

Put different materials such as paper clips, rice grains and smaller sized egg inside the plactic eggs. Make sure to secure the materials by taping the eggs. Let your kids discover different kinds of sound from varying materials!


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