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Trained scientist. Current stay at home mom. A passionate homeschool teacher to my 2 year old son.

I spent hours after hours researching homeschooling curriculums for my 2 year old toddler and almost bought an expensive package from one website. Although I believe that it includes most of the things that I am looking for, it is just quite too expensive for me. Moreover, I felt terrible asking my husband for money on something that I know that I can get for free if I will spend more time to extensively look through the internet. Honestly, it is quite some work since there are tons of information everywhere. And the frustrating part is that the information are scattered from a lot of different websites. But fortunately, I finally narrowed down the two most excellent websites wherein I can base my homeschooling curriculum and teach my little boy through playtime. Most of the ideas are coming from ABCJesusLovesMe and HandsOnHomeschooling websites. While the craft activities are coming from a lot of different mommy blogs and Pinterest, and of course I pitched in my own ideas as well. Additionally, we incorporated a weekly holiday theme for our craft activities.

There are endless information in the internet and it could be very overwhelming for a busy mom (we can only semi clean the whole house, right?). So I wanted to share these home teaching ideas for toddlers (for now, only for 2 years old) for free so that busy moms don’t have to spend a LOT of time scheming Google. So here it is, feel free to optimize the charts based on your kid’s need. And don’t forget to have fun!

My Family

I am truly blessed to have a loving husband and a wonderful son!


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