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Easy Fireworks Painting for Kids

  Even if July 4th might be over already, toddlers and kids can still enjoy fireworks through painting! This is a fun way for kids who love fireworks and arts at the same time. This activity is so easy, quick and affordable. And for those of you who are always on...

Shapes Painting Using Tissue Paper Rolls

Painting is the best pastime for my son. We try to do arts at least once a week and he never gets tired of it. The best time to create paintings are before bath time in the bathroom floor, since I can just let him continue playing in the bath tub. And if he wants to...

Top 10 Favorite Books for 2 Years Old

Reading books is one of the best way that helped expanded our son's vocabulary. My husband and I would love to instill the love of books to our toddler boy. One of our home projects currently is to create a mini library at home. We collected books since he was a baby,...

FREE Printable One Week Toddler STEAM Activities

Preparing for some summer activities for your toddlers and older kids? Looking for something fun and educational? Look no further! Here are some free printables for toddler and preschool STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math). All seven activities are...

Quick & Easy “M&M” Science Activity for Toddlers

I have been wanting to try out this quick and easy "M&M" science activity with my toddler son since I saw a picture in Pinterest a while back. Parents will love this since it is very affordable and easy to prepare. But most importantly, toddlers and older kids...


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