Painting is the best pastime for my son. We try to do arts at least once a week and he never gets tired of it. The best time to create paintings are before bath time in the bathroom floor, since I can just let him continue playing in the bath tub. And if he wants to continue painting, I would just hand him one of the Crayola bathtub paints. Our favorite non-conventional materials for painting are tissue paper rolls. Using these rolls are great since it is for free! We already have the rolls at home from the kitchen paper or bathroom paper. We also love forming the rolls into shapes for learning. 


“Shapes Painting” 



– Tissue paper roll 

Crayola Kid’s Paint

– Paper


1. Form the tissue paper rolls into shapes as seen in the above picture.

2. Pour some paints in the paper to easily stamp the rolls in the paints.

3. Start painting with your kiddos!

Tips: Have a couple picture frames in your kid’s playroom and rotate your favorite arts! You and your little toddlers can appreciate the arts and paintings more.

If you have some awesome ideas regarding quick and easy STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) activities for toddlers, please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

And if you would love to see more tissue paper rolls STEAM and learning ideas, just click on the pictures below.

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Oh, and also, if you would love to grab 7 printable STEAM activities, including the “shape arts”, please check out the link below!

Grab Your Free Copy

Screen shot 2018 05 18 at 9.44.23 am

Have fun with your kids this coming summer!!

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