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3 great interactive books to lessen Youtube or Netflix time from your kids.

Last summer must be my most memorable summer because we traveled a lot within three months, both locally and internationally. We went to San Diego, Germany, and San Francisco with a little toddler. It is a really wonderful time! The only downside is that my son got used to a lot of screen time because that is the only thing that keeps him quiet in the airplane seat. He even learned how to navigate Daddy’s phone from Youtube to Netflix. Although, most of the videos were educational (e.g. Little Baby Bum and ABCTVKids), my husband and I still don’t want him to spend hours after hours of watching in the cellphone. So once we are done with the summer travels and settled down back home, I wanted to make sure that he will come back to his regular sleeping and reading routine.

My goal was for my son to read at least 2 books before going to bed. But since he got used to watching in the cellphone from the travelling, he won’t even hold one book before sleeping.  So, I searched for the “best interactive” books that can bring back my child’s love for reading. Unfortunately, he preferred cellphone from touch-feel books and even from the most entertaining shine-a-light books. Well, with patience and time, we found the best 3 books that finally took my book-loving-son’s attention away from the cellphone. So here they are:

Runner up: WADDLE

This book is really entertaining since they made the animals look like they are moving while turning the pages.

1st Place: Press Here

I honestly thought that my son will not pay attention to this book because the pages are thinner as compared to our other toddler books. But since he loves colors, this became one of his favorite books instantly.

Champion: Poke-a-Dot

Great! Great! Great! First, poking all those dots caught my son’s attention. The sound is amazing for him! We probably always read this book at least twice in one sitting.

Moms, if you have the same screen time problem with your kids, hopefully these book selections can also help you. I am crossing my fingers!


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