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Going to the zoo is a fun way to teach your kids about animals. But what if you can’t go to the zoo all the time, and some zoos are quite expensive to make a weekly or monthly trip. Don’t fret, there are some simple, affordable, and fun ways to teach elephants, monkeys, giraffe and all the animals to your little ones.

1. Melissa and Doug reusable stickers

My 2 year old son LOVES Melissa and Doug reusable stickers (we actually love anything Melissa and Doug). His favorite spot to place the stickers is on the window (Figure A). He will run from our dining area window to our living room window and to his playroom window, yes,  the whole time everyday. He learned tons of animal names quickly from playing with these.

2. Melissa and Doug animal puzzles

My boy has been playing with the chunky Melissa and Doug puzzles (Figure B) since he was one year old. He did not only learn the animals from doing puzzles but also learned vehicles, ABCs, and nursery rhymes. The size of the puzzles are perfectly fitting to his tiny hands as well.

3. Magnetic animals

Just like playing with the reusable stickers in the window, my sweet little pea spends lots of time as well in our refrigerator door playing with his magnetic animals (Figure C). This is very helpful especially when it is time for me to cook our meals.

Reading books is a great way to teach toddlers as well, however, for my boy, he is having more fun doing the 3 ways mentioned above. And amazingly, he quickly learned many words.

What are the three best ways how your kids learned the animals?


Figure A. Melissa and Doug Reusable stickers

Figure B. Melissa and Doug chunky puzzles

Figure C. Melissa and Doug magnetic animals

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